Bubblegame Bubblegame

Blow it up until it explodes

Bubblegame it’s an online multiplayer game that emulates the economic growth.

It’s the only provably fair game that gives you a real chance of winning in a long term an unbeatable rate of @ 1.90.

A participatory game in which the more people play, the more likely it is to win.

There are 2 variatons of the game, Random, and Infinite.

Infinite Bubble

It never explodes, it can always grow. How much do you think it can grow?

In the Infinite Bubble to lose is impossible.

Winning only depends on an equation between time and quantity.

The higher the amount, the longer the time, but there is always someone with a bigger budget than you who is willing to earn more.

Fast & Random Bubbles

In the Fast & Random Bubbles, losing is really bad luck, it's simulating an economic collapse.

When the bubble explodes, the economy is reactivated from zero, being the loser the last inversor.

The probability of losing being the game activate is really low, and even lower if the traffic is fluently.

Game Start

identify if you are capable to inflate the current bubble.

Blow it up!

Inflate it, now you just have to wait for the next player to inflate it.

Win and repeat

If the bubble grows, you win, and you can repeat it as many times as you want.

Inflate the Bubble with Responsability

In infinite mode, if someone is capable to inflate the bubble, you win, but in Random mode it can explodes at any time.

Any time withdraw
Social & Real Time
Provably Fair
Funny and exciting
Real Chance

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